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Friday, March 28, 2014


Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 more Creativity & more fun

Enjoy amazing HD graphic screen size of 12.2 inches. Whether you're attending meeting, creating a presentation or you're watching a concert, you can enjoy all of it using the device 'GALAXY NotePRO'. High screen resolution: 12.2 -inch (2560 x 1600)  allows you to feel the best of everything and enjoy your display on 16 million colors. This HD screen allows multi-potential "Browse" digital magazines or review business documents in detail or enjoy watching your favorite movies through the quality speakers.

Multiple windows on a single window allows you to execute multiple tasks easily. Instead of switching between functions and applications , you can view multiple windows and perform multiple tasks, where you can browse the web, watch a video clip, modify any document and run one of the games at the same time. What a device with high productivity!

No need for papers or servers, meetings can be managed easily. No need to go to drivers or carry on USB to search for documents. Because "Air command" built-in widget is there to help you sort stuff. Action Memo, Search online, S Finder, Scrapbooker other editors and photo Gallery.

Network / Data Service
Double slide
One SIM card
3G UMTS network
B1 (2,100), B3 (1,800), B5 (850), B7 (2,600), B8 (900), B20 (800)
ANT + Yes
USB version USB 3.0
Location tagging : GPS, Glonass
Wi-Fi network : Card 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, at 2.4 GB +5 GHz , and the introduction of multi- output (MIMO) technology VHT80
Wi-Fi Direct Yes
Bluetooth version 4.0
TFT Size 12.2 -inch ( 309.7 mm)
Blu-ray 2560x1600
Color depth : 16 million color

"Screen Write" helps you Quickly take screenshot with S pen, no need to scroll to snipping tool.

'Pen Window' is another best feature which work with the help of 'S Pen' Simply tab and reach to desired app without searching for them.
samsung, source

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Fireworks Taken Places This Year 2014

New year Fireworks captured in HD photographs. Here we're on Second day of year 2014, we've collected firework photographs from different sources. You'll surely love these beautiful fireworks on this New Year 2014. Photographer's effort can be seen in these breathtaking HD wallpapers. These 9 pics are taken from Burj Arab, Khalifa tower, Sydney bridge and Big Ben tower. Photographers are like tourist these days, they often visit places to capture more snaps in a professional way. I am impressed by seeing these fireworks ob Arab tower. Feel free to write about your favourite one in comments.  
Burj Al Arab fireworks in Dubai - © Hany Mahmoud

Fireworks on New year bridge 2014 - © KAphotography

New year 2014 fireworks - © Ahmad Jasem

Fireworks on Sydney bridge - © Lin Zee

Fireworks on Big Ben clock in London - © Chris Chabot

Fireworks on bridge 2014 - © Michael Bonocore

Breathtaking random fireworks - © Dany Eid

 Wonderful night Khalifa Tower 2014 - © Bjorn Moerman

Beautiful breathtaking countdown in Dubai - © Dalia Alameen

Monday, December 30, 2013


Celebrating Year 2014 World's Choice

Different people around the world use to celebrate 'new year' in different ways. But only thing that every teacher, worker, student is expecting is a holiday! Technology is enhancing day by day, it takes nearly a minute to greet your near ones. You'll surely find bikers and exotic rides on road this 1st day. Specially in KSA racing rides is a part of their celebration. Other Asian areas they used to have big amount of fireworks.

Many wallpaper blogs are uploading cool and attractive New Year 2014 greeting cards. Other gathers as a party and wait for the countdown. What's your aim and plans for this new year? Best fireworks can be seen from 'London Eye' and 'Burj Khalifa'. I have shared some 3D and funny new year cards from different sources. NC greets you a Blissful new year 2014.

Happy new year 2014

New year greeting cards

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Who else can be the winner of "Big Boss season 7" #Gauhar Khan

Big boss season 7 grand finale is going to be live in some hours. But we're up with big boss 7's winner. Rahul Mahajan tweeted on his profile with conviction that Gauhar Khan is the winner of BB season 7. Kamaal Rashid Khan also stated Gauhar is the winner.


Does "New Year" really affect in life? 2014

Does Year changes affect in life? I think they really do.. In 2013 i was only a 'Quadriplegic" person. I am happy to announce that i'm a married guy now! I was away from internet for about a month. Finally publishing something on NC nearly after two months. Changing places makes a big difference in life, same like that even new years bring new changes. I pray and wish that this 'New Year 2014' will be a blessing for us. Some big positive changes will surely come to our lives this year.

Merry Christmas passed few days ago.. I am here with some HD new year wallpapers. I have collected these cards from different sources. I found them elegant and attractive to greet your loved ones. Time is running, year 2013 came and finished. It feels like we celebrated 2013 months ago and now 2014 is here! My advice for this New year 2014, miracles happen in life, so never lose hope and focus on your dreams and prayers. You have a choice to either Uplift somebody or put them Down. Happy New year and have a blessed 2014 ahead :)

Happy new year 2014

New year 2014 cards

New year wallpapers

funny new year cards

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