Mar 7, 2012

All Nokia Mobile Phone Price in Saudi Arabia for year 2012 - Nokia Models & Price in KSA

Recently I surveyed whole Jeddah Mobile phone market in order to review the retail prices of all Nokia Mobile phones and their accurate detail. What my team evaluated and the result concluded was that we have written below the average prices of all Nokia Mobile phones price list. Here is the complete list of the cities in Saudi Arabia Nokia mobile phone price in 2012. Their may be minor differences in the prices as mobile phone prices may incremented or decremented a little but we have given you least idea about the mobile prices in Saudi Arabia. Malls like Danube, Hyper Panda, Bin Dawood, Extra Mall and Jarir Bookstore are lower in price than other Markets. Checkout the list to know the cell phone prices in Saudi Arabia.
Nokia N Series Price in Saudi Arabia
Mobile Model               Price in Saudi Riyals              
Nokia 808 Pureview SR 2370
Nokia N9 SR 2000
Nokia N8 SR 1500
Nokia N8 SR 1450
Nokia N900 SR 1360
Nokia N93 SR 990
Nokia N95 SR 800
Nokia N95 8 GB SR 960
Nokia N96 SR 1150
Nokia N97 SR 1030
Nokia N97 mini SR 970

Nokia X Series Prices in Saudi Arabia
Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia X7                        SR 1360
Nokia X3 SR 460
Nokia X3-02 SR 500
Nokia X2 SR 310
Nokia X2-01 SR 310 [SR 20 less in different colors] 
Nokia X1-01 SR 125

Nokia E Series Price in Saudi Arabia
Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia E72                      SR 900 [890 at Panda Mall]
Nokia E7 SR 1690
Nokia E6 SR 890 [790 at Panda Mall]
Nokia E5 SR 650                                             
Nokia E52 SR 750
Nokia E63 SR 580
Nokia E66 SR 700
Nokia E71 SR 760
Nokia E75 SR 800

Nokia C Series Price in Saudi Arabia
Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia C7                        SR 930
Nokia C6 SR [500 at Panda]
Nokia C6-01 SR 700 [600 at Panda]
Nokia C5-03 SR 650
Nokia C5 SR 450
Nokia C3 SR 360
Nokia C3-01 SR 600 [540 at Panda]
Nokia C2 SR 249
Nokia C2-01 SR 250
Nokia C2-03 SR 340
Nokia C1-01 SR 170
Nokia C1 SR 145

Other Nokia Models in Saudi Arabia
Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia 7230                    SR 460 [350 at Panda]  
Nokia 5250 SR 440
Nokia 101 SR 150
Nokia 1800 SR 90
Nokia 1616 SR [90 at Panda]
Nokia 1280 SR 66
Nokia 701 SR 1180 [990 at Panda] 
Nokia 700 SR 890
Nokia 603 SR 890 [740 at Panda]
Nokia 500 SR [640 at Panda]
Nokia Asha SR 390
Nokia 2730 SR 240
Nokia 6303i SR 300
Nokia 5130 SR 290
Nokia 5230 SR 500
Nokia 5235 SR 700
Nokia 5530 SR 610
Nokia 5800 SR 715
Nokia 6120 SR 540
Nokia 6303 SR 350 [6403i 330]
Nokia 6760 SR 700

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