Mar 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Released Stuff May not be Missed

21st century the most fastest in the development of tech world. No doubt everything is possible now and nothing can be said as impossibly to design. What you think others can design, construct and create. Samsung and Apple seems the real rivals and real oppositions. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with extra ordinary and enhanced features, they even introduce new tech ways and not only providing you calls but with widgets that consults with your health issues. Is it a Smartphone or Smart Detector.

The Samsung galaxy S4 is a whole 0.1 ounces lighter than its predecessor. But still boasts one of the prettiest displays on the market gaining attention of billions of people around the world by having a 441ppi Super AMOLED HD display, completed with exceptionally sturdy Gorilla Glass 3. No other smartphone can compare Samsung S4 Screen senses finger hovering feature.

What's NOT in Samsung Galaxy S4?

Every where you get to know what's new, all specs but was unable to identify what's not. Well we inform yu what's not in Samsung GALAXY S4 is radio. It has no radio. Secondly it only comes up with 2 colors black mist and white forest none other. No casein is available in different colors.
Image source {CNET}

Samsung S view cover

Its and S view totally smart innovation and new design that displays what actually you want. In the picture above Samsung Galaxy S4 displaying date time and Day it also shows new messages  notifications.

Galaxy S4 GamePad

Like I you also get amazed by this new way of using Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S4 surprisingly introduces new game controller at last week's event and a little way of playing with extra enjoyment. It also helps your screen not to damage while playing games. It seems that they are inspired by Xbox controller. The dock price for Samsung galaxy s4 dock playing device is $112.99
S4 Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as Cordless Charging new amazing solution.

Another Smart feature in Smart phone samsung Galaxy S4 is that it has extra battery Kit that none other smartphones provide you thus helping you when charging is not an option ;)

Galaxy S4 A companion of lives

Now releasing HRM The effective running coach as well as real-time heart rate monitor that can amazingly control your exercise intensity by checking your heart rate time by time what you set manually or auto option works with Running Mate app 2.0.

How it is possible? Yes it is because of ' Samsung Body Scale' that will keep track of your health by measuring your weight and sends it to the Samsung GALAXY S4 obviously via Bluetooth it will supports up to 7 users at a time and save your weight history with S-Health 2.0 app.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock

Amazing design with new and enhanced touch system for music systems. Can also attach with head phones

Samsung Galaxy S4 Headset have a Premium Hi-Fi sound experience that you really wish to hear and enjoy like deck systems. What's actually new in it?
1) It is Compact ergonomic design (Easy-to-use: Left / Right).
2) Having 2 Speakers in each headphone (Woofer & Tweeter speakers).
3) Dynamic deep bass & high-resolution treble sound that is amazing.
4) Balanced sound with full-frequency range not in others(Via holes and slit on earphone).
5) Slim flat cable (Free from tangled wires) totally new design.

Samsung Galaxy holder

New better samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone holder that helps you watch TV, movies, and many videos by just setting your phone little far away without being scared of damaging it.

GALAXY S4 Micra Folio Case

Amazingly design new Covers for Samsung Galaxy S4 that are available in seven colors Black cover for samsung galaxy S4, white cover, pink cover, yellow cover, orange, blue cover and green. Now you have a complete protection for your new Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4. Enjoy!