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"Jinn on Twitter" Profile Exposed after reaching 150K Followers

"Jinn on Twitter" Profile Exposed after reaching 150K Followers

A news on "Real Jinn has a Twitter account" is spreading like a fire in jungle. After reading this news on "Emirates247" my reaction was like. Really?? May be its true, may I ask to that Jinn. Is he having a facebook account too? If not so, when is he going to join?

Are you people this stupid and gullible? the moment he wrote "I am a real jinn" he exposed himself. What kind of jinn says I am real? it was obviously a human. This was a normal human being just having fun and scaring people.

Another interesting point is that, did they have colour photographs 100 years back?

A JINN posted pictures claims that he took 100 years ago with a nikon D5000 DSLR. the jinn forgot to delete the exif data before uploading,

Some source even mentioned that He (JINN) was signing in from iPhone LOL  

The Jinn and the reader who tried to contact him are all of the same team.Wonder what "Arabia.msn" and "Emirates247" has to do with such craps. But still thanks for their contribution in increasing JINN's followers.

Sharing some of these funny tweets..


  1. this profile reached so many followers in no time.

    1. To me it is one chtariqmasood based at dubai, UAE.If you would google it would be proved.


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