Jul 5, 2013

Ramadan Kareem the Best Islamic Month of the Years. Why?

Ramadan kareem the most blessing, most beloved and the most Holy religious month of all Muslims who keep on waiting the whole year just for this one month. Ramadan is not an ordinary month in fact it is the month of forgiveness, month of blessings, month of respect, month of teachings, month of testing your faith, month of belief, month of prosperity, month of all wishes, dreams that needed to be fulfilled. Muslims fast 29-30 days after sighting crescent moon of Ramadan month. They fast for the sake of Allah's blessings. Ramadan kareem is the ninth month of Islamic calendar, fifth pillar of Islam, which is expected to be on dated 9th-10th July 2013. Every year Ramadan dates moves backward to 10 days which means next year 2014 Ramadan Kareem is going to be started on 1st of July or 2nd of July. Ramadan is pronounced as Ramazan or Ramadan in many countries and Muslims wish their beloved one's by saying Ramazan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem Mabrook.

It is compulsory to all Muslims who believe in One Lord, One GOD ALLAH to fast in this month after the age of 12. During fasting Muslims refrain themselves from eating anything, avoid all drinks, smoking and also avoid lies, beating others, fighting and all sorts of bad things that can harm yourself or other Muslim brother.

Why Muslims fast in Ramadan? The reason behind this is the Countless Reward they received in this month and there is an opportunity in this month to receive as much rewards as you can. The more you behave good in this month the more you get rewards. All Rewards in multiple like if you get 1 good deed in all 11 months you will get 10 Reward in return from Allah Almighty but in Ramadan if you get 1 good deed you will get multiples of 10 reward. Reward in sense of blessings for whole year, showers of happiness in whole year, your dreams might fulfilled, you will be forgiven, all your sins you did intentionally or unintentionally will be forgiven if you ask for forgiveness and decided not to do it again.

As Allah Almighty is the ONLY ONE who can forgive you no matter how pathetic you are. HE still loves you more than your mother. He will clean you just like a new baby born with no sins, no bad past just like heaven all around. All devils are caught in this month only angels all around searching for the person who is praying, who is asking for Allah's help, HIS forgiveness and gifts. That's why Muslim love this month and fast in this month for the sake of Allah willingness and showers of blessings.

Ramadan Greetings

Ramadan Kareem greetings

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