Jan 2, 2014

Fireworks Taken Places This Year 2014

New year Fireworks captured in HD photographs. Here we're on Second day of year 2014, we've collected firework photographs from different sources. You'll surely love these beautiful fireworks on this New Year 2014. Photographer's effort can be seen in these breathtaking HD wallpapers. These 9 pics are taken from Burj Arab, Khalifa tower, Sydney bridge and Big Ben tower. Photographers are like tourist these days, they often visit places to capture more snaps in a professional way. I am impressed by seeing these fireworks ob Arab tower. Feel free to write about your favourite one in comments.  
Burj Al Arab fireworks in Dubai - © Hany Mahmoud

Fireworks on New year bridge 2014 - © KAphotography

New year 2014 fireworks - © Ahmad Jasem

Fireworks on Sydney bridge - © Lin Zee

Fireworks on Big Ben clock in London - © Chris Chabot

Fireworks on bridge 2014 - © Michael Bonocore

Breathtaking random fireworks - © Dany Eid

 Wonderful night Khalifa Tower 2014 - © Bjorn Moerman

Beautiful breathtaking countdown in Dubai - © Dalia Alameen

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  1. amazing uae..i realy love to stay in this country,not only bcoz of beautiful,,but bcoz of this country i earn money for the future of my five kids.